10 Things To Do Now To Become A Millionaire Dollar Rich At Age 30

Hillary Ogana
3 min readJun 11, 2022


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If you want to be financially successful by this young age, what you do before clocking this age, will matter to infinity.

From having several streams of income, to investing your savings, there are many ways through which you can improve your wealth in this free market economy.

Becoming a dollar millionaire is not guaranteed. But if you focus in those strategies you may rise quickly from dust to the skies at a much younger age. Also the age does not matter but strategies is the pathway.

The strategies should be organised in such a manner and formulated to inspire one to become rich sometime one day. More so at age thirty

1. Focus on earning

Everything path to riches begins with earnings. There after increase your earnings income. Do that several times. But you should also understand that, earning more money is most of the term said than done. Rise up and make your plan work to your focus and goal.

Think how you want to bring additional income. May be some highly paid side income you want to do. How you can earn passive income such as: investing in shares is simple and can do you good.

2. Develop several streams of income.

One way to earn much more is to diverse your income streams.The additional stream may include: real estate rentals, stock market investments, P2p that is peer to peer buying and selling of cryptocurrency.

3. Saving and save to invest.

Do not just save for a rainy day. Neither should one save to just celebrate his bath days with friends and relatives. Initially save your money to create several streams of income before you enjoy with your dear friends.

For students in college level, you could buy something whose value appreciates after some period of time using upkeep savings. You can start a small business just with some $500

4. Be disciplined and focused

A successful entrepreneur knows that it takes self discipline to come out with the best outcome.

5. Don’t show off, but show up

Shun flashy life style Let you be understood by your working ethics not the trinkets you purchase and have possession of. Expensive life you live is sometimes detrimental to profitability of your business. Only buy the essentials.

6. Change your mindset about money.

Getting rich is mindset. What you believe and may be imagine about money is eventually what can make you rich or poor. Mostly poor people believe that having a lot of money is being evil or that, money is a root of all evil. While rich people have inner believe that is a staff, tool and capacity to become wealthy.

7. Invest in yourself.

Rich people are voracious readers. They focus on reading motivational literature and may be business journals. Rich also believe in good health and have a strict routine exercise to be mentally, physically and psychologically upright.

8. Set realistic goals and focus on reaching them.

Anyone who wants to make money, must set a clear path and goal. Should have a specific plan to implement without wavering.

9. Start hanging with your mentors.

These are people you admire about their successes. You will share your vision with them because you have a rapport with them.

10. Aim for $10 million, not $1million.

You have heard that, if you aim at the sun, you will hit the moon. Think beyond for what cannot be seen with an outer eyes. There is not luck of money in the universe.

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Hillary Ogana

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