Always Have wanted to be an Entrepreneur but Procrastination is the problem.

The big word here is an entrepreneur. Am sure, many a time you have heard the about word or come across it while reading articles you love. The word is used so much in business field that many a time you need to pose to comprehend on it. Some even introduced themselves in certain meetings as entrepreneur. To be straight to the point, you may also be doing a business and you are an entrepreneur but this has not come to your realisation.

What always,bring that confusion is the meaning of a businessman and being an entrepreneur. These days have come to realise that, entrepreneurship and business are separated by two thin lines.All the so called entrepreneurs are business people, but all business are not so.

So far today maybe you are ready to assess through reading, and realise whether you are a business person or an entrepreneur. If i may be correct or wrong, you are free to correct me. You are also right with your opinion on who an entreprepreneur is!

The meaning of this terminology, “ entrepreneurship” is as simple as abc. Have you ever heard or realise business people who normally makes large profit margin on sales of their merchandise. Have you ever ask yourself how did so and so knew this commodity would be in high demand at this particular time? An entrepreneur like to make a kill in business, in as much just understand is a businessman. He acts as a business philosopher, as his success in business come from studying the market.

This gifted personality studies the minds of his clients. He knows what is in demand most at a stipulated time, then strives to make it available to the consumers. Another fair definition, “ a problem solver.” Consumers scrambles for his merchandise because he solves their problem. An entrepreneur also studies geographical zone. He understands what are needed and who needs them in terms of gender and age.

An entrepreneur have studied the pricing pattern of the majority of commodity at a particular area. His pricing breaks even, the reason why his entreprise thrives year in year out. Therefore, i have a feeling that, being a business person is good, but added advantage is lessing it with entrepreneurship.

You aspire to be an entrepreneur? then do this.

  1. Have a capital, that money you need to kickstart your business enterprise. The amount needed differs with kind of business needs.
  2. Just start from the idea you have hard. Shun procrastination as you may fear for failing outcome. Know that behind every successes, were failures.By the way if you trip and fall, will you remain at that point or you will stand, shake your dusty clothe and continue with your journey? your answer is correct.
  3. Read and read to get more skills as being an entrepreneur requires gradual development as though somehow is a gift.
  4. Accept to swim with sharks. Be ready to go against some sorts of obstacles, but never to give up.
  5. Meanwhile you need to work with a mentor.



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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.