Hail My Fellow Writers In Every Corner Globally.

Yes, have been writing in different platform before i came into medium. To say outrightly, writing has been and is still my passion. I will and keep on writing may be until time when i feel, that say quits. But not now, and no one should expect that.

Many writers tend to believe that, writing should be just an individual’s passion. Yes, somehow it is, because that is a driving force. Having passion in anything, obviously can lead one into higher heights or rather achievement.

Mostly in this and sometimes, have been burning the midnight oil writing. I always wanted to give as much of my opinion to the world as much as i can.

Besides that, am a reader on medium and loves so much my fellow writers articles. This propels me further in this field, as i have masters various techniques of the writers in this bandwagon.

Writing on medium, i started about three months ago. I was aware that to join the partnership program, there were terms to achieve. One of them which i really memorised, was to achieve 100 followers mark and beyond. Others didn’t come to mind. I have been writing with lots of steam sometimes everyday in order to achieve that 100 followers mark.

A part from writing as passion, my aim was also to have a side income thing. And i had hope that i was to get it in



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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.