How To surely Come out of Financial Quagmire. Clearing the path.

Hillary Ogana
3 min readMay 21, 2022
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You are right, your financial muscles is wanting. Up to this extent you have been trying to make it work. But how and in which ways? may be by doing your so called, “JOB” Every month you are looking forward and very expectant to earn your much dear salary.

You have been receiving thousands of dollars as your wage package. Your are not an idle figure, neither that can make you an inch happy. You have been up and down to try make your financial position to have a change for better, but worse still is what you begets. You have even wonder why, some look good financially. Their bank accounts are dancing with money. Their cash flow quadrants is much bigger comparably. Their investment portfolios is quite amazing. And that is very right according to your observation.

They are gradually becoming filthy rich. But why and how? ……. What is the secret here. What have they discovered of which you aren’t? Yes, in every success, there is a secret. And that secret is what, you and i needs discover or learn.

A journey to financial freedom begin with an idea. That idea brings creativity. We are all creative in certain ways. Creativeness is a result of first having an idea. You have an idea how to solve your financial quagmire. You can and succeed like others does. Some people were once, and in the same position may be you are now. There position financially couldn’t let then do certain thing; i mean their life basics such as paying bills, buying family clothing, foods and other things which are really necessary in life.

It seems almost everyone must begin from that low, but let us try to find the solution and journey to leap out of financial low. It is very simple but really needs the victim to take action, as the say goes, “Action speaks louder than words”. Let’s not beat about the bush. We are going straight to the points:

  1. Clear your debts and be clean as snow.
  2. After becoming clean out of the Debts, open a savings account and emergency account.
  3. Any income you receive, put 30% in savings account and 10% in emergency account.
  4. The amount in the savings account will be use for investments. Find your best investment vehicle and decide your best amount to kickstart it. You should know that investment, is what takes someone out of financial quagmire. So your choice should be the one that resonates with the direction you wanted to take.
  5. Your emergency funds account are for to ensure you do not touch the money for investment. Use the emergency funds for other purposes such as paying your bills, education and other necessities that may put a roadblock to your investment capital and success. Just ensure that you are a disciplined saver.

6 . Start a business and invest the potion of your profit. Repeat the above and the rest will be history.

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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.