Know Oneself and your Enemies-Understand yours and And Their Ways. Know Your Strength and Weaknesses

The greatest misjudgement of man is to think and brag that, he or has no enemies. Who ever says that he has no enemies, obviously, is doing nothing and is looking forward to be nothing. Through thick and thin, you should shun the company of those who do not want to do well.

Unluckily,this not always possible. Therefore, few contacts will come into being. In the situation that, you must be in the same place with your enemies, evaluate the snide comments, remarks and some hints of disrespects. Disregard it as nothing of worry. Be prepared to deal with their ways. You should also be even more understanding of yourself and how better you get to handle the situations.

Fights or flight thoughts will normally come into being, but fight must always be the last resolve. Choose to escape instead. The flatness of the earth provides you with a lot of places you can find yourself. Furthermore, one should not preoccupy oneself with possibility of becoming friend with these people either. Rarely will you get it, and incase you do it, be wary of it.

As in the parable of a young man in dilemma; the man had received a hat, handed to him by his grandfather. He really cherished that ‘hat.’ But whenever he wore it his best “friends” mocked him. He come to the old sage and said, “ When i wear it they will mock me, but if i don’t, it will feel like i have given in to their mocking.” The sage responded, “ Well, it sounds to me that if you wear it or if you don’t you are doing it outrightly for them….”

You should learn this, and remember exhausting yourself mentally about your enemy serves to your detriment. This needs too much energy and time- energy you should have been using for personal development. One should do this instead: Act as if you don’t see them, but anyway they are there. Respect them the same, you would have given anyone. But watch, study and learn them. Summing up, you will be living as the most “intelligent being” ever lived.

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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.