Offer is not just an offer. Make an offer that cannot be refused. Tell people what you want, politely. Whoever asks receives.

When you make an offer, make it that good, that no one can really refuse it. When you want something, ask for it with a lot of humbleness. Demanding for something in a nasty way will increase the chances that you may miss it and thereby creating a big bunch of enemies. Ask in a good manner, and say, “Thank you”.

The obvious orderliness is that, the one who asks, many times receives, should be a principle so much rooted, that it needs no writings ingrained. Be direct, do not beat about the bush in asking for things that you want. For example, the cry of an infant makes strangers very much willing to solve the baby’s need. It makes us to cringe to hear that call for help. It speaks to us. The baby is asking for a helping hand while using such kind of guasture.

It may be boiled down to the desire for food or need for comfort. Even though, the baby can’t even say what it wants, mother in particular, will go to hell if solution is there. Ask and you will receive, though you may not be given exactly what you wanted but at least you have the attention to your concern.

The most important thing, is that, you exactly know what you want before even asking. We should assess our needs and ask in the most polite way. Next, we need to figure who to ask to give us the answer to our question. Do this most earnestly and the doors of greatness will one day open unto you.

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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.