How to Learn Any Language with much less Effort

Hillary Ogana
2 min readMay 31, 2022
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In the real sense and also naturally, nobody owns a language. A child is born without any form of language. What refers to language, comes with quoting one’s tribe. But can tribe be a language? Some people refers to, “some people’s dialect. Yes, when we talk about dialect you may also begin to think about “words diction.”

Where does language begins? That when a child is born. The language comes natural when it cries. Therefore, do we say outrightly there is a language? …. obviously yes. Why? with a language a sound must be heard and the instinct makes the speaker to understand what the message he tries to convey. The new born has this instinct.

A child cries in a certain manner though she cannot talk to be understood by people around him. The baby still can communicate through crying, that will make people to attend to his needs in the almost right manner. The language of the child, as made them understood him.

Why have i dwelt on the child as an example here. What am saying is that language is very easy to learn than anything subject. As you can imaging, a new born child has its natural language. It uses it to convey a message. Other developed languages mostly used in communication can as well be learnt with ease. But there are channels one should follow towards mastering a certain language.

As i have mentioned before, nobody owns a language and also nobody can be born already knowing a particular language…… you just need to learn it.

How do you get to learn and master a language? First, you need to be in a place where it is spoken, develop some interest in the language itself. Learn to speak it with the people who somehow have mastered it. And that is how local language of the majority can be easily learnt.

But the rather, official and other indigenous language, that can also best mastered by visiting language classes a part from getting into conversation with language masters.

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