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Becoming a parent is eagerly looked forward to by human beings. A male and female comes to begin there precious marriage life together. They so termed as husband and wife. One of their hope, is to eventually form a good family together. They normally aspire to get children who are healthy in all aspects. such as: Mental, physical and emotional wellness. But all that as far as expected, may not happen just because of “i wish, am looking forward to, i expect” and so on, so forth.

If one would wish to have healthy children, then get to read through this article up to its end. Somehow you better have an idea before you begin your journey of parenthood.

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A baby is a newborn. Before it was brought into this environment, the baby was in another environment known as “the womb”. When the baby is still in the womb or uterus, it is being referred to as “foetus”. The one you so called a baby, stayed in the womb for a period of 40 weeks, approximately 9 months. In that environment, if conditions were made to be conducive or bad, and that will affect the growing foetus either positively or negatively. Whoever controls the first environment for the foetus is the mother. The so called an expectant mother. That first environment determines the growth and the kind of health the born child would have.

The mothers emotions and nutritions during pregnancy will directly affect the growing baby inside the womb. Like emotions such as always being angry, stressfulness, joy, happiness; all that affects the baby before it is born. That is to say that, the child may develop emotions which are same to her mother had, before being given birth to.

The mother’s nutrition is also important during pregnancy. If the mother is an alcoholic, smoker, or have been using certain drugs this will directly affect, the brain; mental and physical well being of a growing foetus.

All that will be realised after the child is born. The baby may develop some complication related from such substances used by the mother during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, everyone looking forward to be mother, must put into consideration the kind of substances or food she is supposed to be taking into his body. This will ensure that the newborn develops: mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.

After the baby is born, he or she has joined a new environment and strange one. At this time, the mother and the caregiver should be highly knowledgeable on caring for the baby. Any kind of mishap, may negatively affect the baby, in terms of healthy growth and development. The carer should understand the baby’s language.

The reason to this is because, some babies cries a lot. and that is how they convey information to their surroundings. Babies or infants cannot speak or use sign language but their cry, we can realise there might be a problem somewhere then we act accordingly. The following might be the reasons why the child cries a lot.

  1. He or she feels hungry.
  2. He or she may be having stomachache.
  3. Body pain due to being left laying on the same position for along time.
  4. He o she has used to be held and being pampered.

Or that there may be painful part of the body

Despite all that, the mother and other caregivers should be able to comprehend the child’s communication.

Mothers should also be able to know that exclusive breastfeeding is paramount. The newborn should be provided with breast milk only for a period of not less than 6 months. The beast milk has a yellowish substance termed as; colostrum which has diseases antibodies.

A well breastfed child grows healthy and strong. He or she will not suffer from illnesses that his body anti-bodies would naturally fight. And finally, winning should done at around six month for a baby. Hygiene should also be fully assured.

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