What Qualifies An Individual Mentally Healthy.

Hillary Ogana
2 min readApr 18, 2022
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What is an attitude? these are one’s behaviour patterns which are either positive or negative, conforms or not with some individual in a society.

Because “attitude” leads to certain behaviour patterns, then that is how we can gauge someone’s mental health.

Thoughts, results into action. So you think first, the you perform by taking action-you do. Insignificant other will see your behaviour; action and measure then as normal or not. These, also to some extent, can be measured by spoken words. People will judge your mental soundness, by watching your behaviour and may be how you express yourself verbally.

That is how sometimes one’s mental can be analysed. But what really affect our mental health?

What affects mental health

people tend to do think according to the environment they live in. You tend to copy other people doing things certain ways. As you try to do this, thing may not work well on your side. Therefore feel helpless and stressed; depressed.

What may cause poor mental health

Depression may be as result of drug abuse and drankednes.

stressful activities and other life underlying issues.

Prolonged sickness that may lead someone not to perform normal life issues such as work.

Broken families due to internal feuds and divorce.

May be hardship or problem one undergone through, during childhood.

Old age mental health because of certain vulnerability and disability.

Lack of focus and hopelessness in real life situation.

How to ensure good mental health

Do not abuse drugs and other substances. Instead you should eat healthy foods; such with a lot of minerals and vitamins.

Always behave and speak positively in every situation. The reason being,what you say, happens; it become to reality. So when you speak positively, the life situations become positive; good

When you feel helpless, and defeated in some situation, that is normal. You can ask for help from others who can give you a helping hand. If it is a dire situation accept and “move on”- accept that down time will never seize to be there. Also accept that certain bad situation comes with a purpose, “ to sharpen your skills, for much improvement later.” They are present to add more skills in life, not to cause mental death.

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