Why Corona Not really in Africa,Its Impact was Next To Neutral

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Most African countries are also known as, “black general.” Our mother land. Civilization in this beloved continent has been understood as still lagging behind, in terms of economic resources, cultural activities and even education- but all that is not true . All that has turned into blessing in disguise. This came into play openly when the corona-pandemic heat the continents of the world.

Africa was not heavily brought down with corona pandemic comparably to other nations. A lot of question have been asked, “But why ?” That “why” is what am going explain a bit of it. It may look as “theory”, but it is more than a theory to some extent.

There are some factors which am going to outline below. Many theories have been given, to validate may be, the reasons why, Africa have not been heavily hit by the “covid-19”. Somehow, though, some explained, they may end up to be mirth and misconceptions if at all to say. Without a lot of beating about the bush: some theories have been stated that, in relations to blood group ( o+ve and O-ve) which had been thought to be strong blood group and that cannot easily be attack by the corona virus. “And who mostly have such kind of blood?”- “ The majority are the African.” But who can really be convinced with such a theory.

If it is a fact, then that should have been proven scientifically. What i understand void of my scientific knowledge, is that, “blood is blood”, red in color and doesn’t matter which part of world your are hailing from. There is no cross-continent blood group variations.

In short, your blood group cannot decide whether you can catch corona or not. Hope you have taken the message home. Blood group cannot be used to distinguish between races and the strength of their immune system.

Down to my understanding, of why Africa was not heavily swept with the corona pandemic.

Most families in Africa have lived in hard situation. This have always prepared them, their bodies for more difficult eventualities. Therefore, there bodies have been conditioned to withstand hardship.

Most African believes on and the use Of natural medicine. Some herbs such as “ginger” mixed with lemon juice and garlic has been used to alleviate any symptom of “throat infection” They are also used in African staple foods.

African foods are mostly natural. They consume them directly from their gardens. This foods are known to be natural and therefore works better in the body than the highly processed one; full of preservatives. The natural foods are known to boost the body immunity. All natural foods are good for the general body healthy.

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Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.

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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.

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