Why Your Plans Or Projects May Never Take Off…Stalls

Hillary Ogana
2 min readJun 13, 2022


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You are a person of many ideas and dreams. It is true that, a simple ideas is what may result into a very huge achievement. But here we are focusing on financial breakthrough.

Majority of people have craved very much to retire from living a life not worth mention. Living from hand to mouth sort of life. It is obvious that many dreams and ideas have brought financial civilisation on its corridors.

But mark you, some people are dreamers whose their’s do not come to realization. It is okay and nice to be a dreamer. But what is important, is if the dream or the idea is implemented. By the way, dreams and ideas are not taught in schools. It is a natural science that emerges from the mind. That is my observation. But, why is it, some of us who may have had good idea…. that has a potential to change one’s live and many others financially, is laying in the dust?

May be you are a victim of that best idea. We need to understand that, every good idea, needs to be given a trial. Make it come to reality, however how much small you may think it is. Just a small idea has better the life of many generation of people.

So, let me give you a very short statement that will let your idea and dream come to pass: first be determined that you are going to implement your idea. Take away if…. from the back of your mind.Life has two sides. Either you fail or be successful. But failure should not make you remain down. Keep on, and you will realise the loophole.

Don’t overly consult from others about that your idea you are at the verge of implementing. Why am i warning so? Majority are dream killer. Instead, they may work so hard to ensure you have fallen with your golden idea. Choose, those whom to consult. Look for your mentors.

When the physical part of your idea is underway, get to learning on the journey. Learn from those whom are thriving in the same field as yours.

While doing this, remain focused, determined and never look back.

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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.