Your Ways to Passive Income Generation while at Home.

Hillary Ogana
2 min readMay 25, 2022
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In the present world, not as of old, no one can say that, he or she is void of ways of having and making income. Everyone with no doubt wishes to live a good life. One of the ways is being well off financially.

The world economy is up and majority of commodity prices have skyrocketed. Everyone would wish to sustain his financial muscle as much as he can. Challenges in paying your bills, is something that cannot make you avoid sleepless nights. When your money position is under the carpet, you feel much vulnerable and helpless. But fortunately at the present time, things like the smartphones and computers have really easen the ways anyone can make cash.

Now it is easy to have your side hustle machine that can mint you cash even when you are asleep. It is unfortunate to some of us….. thinking that, this machines such as laptops and phones can only be used to do odd jobs that can add nothing into one’s pocket. You know how these machines are used in a way, that is not to add money in your packet, but to subtract it.

Machines such as smartphones and laptops are a digital goldmine. Exploit them to your benefit. You can be a digipreneur by them. You can be operating a very big digital shop just as big as “Amazon,” just on your smartphone. You can be a pro digital currency trader or cryptocurrency investor. You can do anything of your interest in these machines. Use the gadgets to your advantage. At this present age, no one should complain that, “ Am in a rat race because, i don’t know a way of coming out it……blah…..blah….blah”.

Explore the internet. There are hundreds ways in which you can make money online. When you are determine to get them, you will go for them. That your laptop,smartphone……machine or gadget is your precious stuff. It can mint for you money. It can make you financial well off in due time. It needs action on your part.

It only needs your homework. Know that nothing comes on a silver platter. It is true that action pays. Nobody will bring it on your table. Take baby steps. Go for it, and success will be just a stone throw. Smartphones, laptop, i phones, ipads and tablets…use them as your assets. Have done this since the year 2014. Have benefited more than failures and am still pressing on to a higher mark.

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Hillary Ogana

Hillary Ogana, a blogger and freelancer. A junior teacher by profession and an investor in cryptocurrency and forex trader.